1. Cadder

    Hugo Energy App for Smart Meters

    I've had this app installed for a week or so now. I hadn't heard of Hugo until another member posted a link in another thread. It's a great idea and I'm quite impressed with the app overall. It's a LOT better than the SECURE home monitor I have. I can set budgets, look at hourly usage of gas...
  2. D1CER

    Mouse X/Y axis sensor alignment / Offset App?

    Hi All, I've been using a roccat kone pure desert Strike for years, on the the pure optical driver version 1.05 This driver support Sensor alignment and allows me to hold the mouse at a -20 degrees offset in order to remain comfortable in hand As far as I'm concerned this is an excellent feature...
  3. Katie17

    Help, please! application on the phone like a plenner or a diary

    Friends! prompt an application on the phone like a plenner or a diary. I need something simple, where I will write a list of tasks for today, tick off the ones done and see other things for the week (for the future, and not just for one day as in the notes on the iPhone) free desirable... Pliz))
  4. Saul Farrell

    Overclockers UK App?

    So having a look on the play store there appears to be an overclockers app but it looks nothing like this forum so I don't think it is the real one. Can anyone confirm if overclockers actually has an app?
  5. ssmacc

    Change a notification sound for a specific app in Windows 10?

    Hello All, As the title is it possible to change a notification sound for a specific app in Windows 10? I've searched and microsoft seem to say it's not possible (but the article was from over a year ago) or is there a 3rd party app that will do this? I'm working from home and can't...
  6. jas72

    best calendar app for Iphone and android

    I folks I'm a recent convert from Apple to Samsung. We are a family of three and now my son and I have samsung and the wife has iphone. For some reason beyond me I cannot get the google calendar to sync across I've tried the method found on google by andriodauthority and while it sync items...
  7. MiSJAH

    Free system monitoring software for gaming?

    Looking to have the temps of cpu and gpu, FPS and other stats onscreen whilst gaming. Will be used on my AORUS X5V6. Help? TIA.
  8. AndyCr15

    My 'Auto Buddy' Android App

    Hi guys, I've written an app to help you log maintenance, fuel ups and other bits and pieces. It's actually just a version of a Bike app I've been working on, that I might have bored some of you about in the bikes forum, but now it's more generic for any vehicle. There are a few bugs in...
  9. Somnambulist

    Workflow (iOS app)

    So Apple have been and bought the company that made this app, and the app is now free on the App store. Most people assume it will eventually be merged into iOS proper but for the time-being it's still a standalone application. I'd never really looked at it before but being free now I have no...
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