asus maximus

  1. Wiktor

    I9 9900k worst possible chip?

    Hello, I have recently decided to overclock my i9 to squeeze out every possible power possible. However when I try to get a stable overclock I just can't get stable on 5ghz with 100mhz avx offset. Specs: i9 9900k Mb: asus maximus xi extreme Ram: corsair rgb vengeance Pro 3600mhz Psu: corsair...
  2. MBPMatt

    Need asus maximus advice for a newbie

    I'm building my first PC unaided, and have no experience with liquid cooling at all. I've ordered all the bits I think I need. I've opted for a corsair h115i pro kit for the CPU and have a Asus rog maximus x formula motherboard on the way. Can anybody give some advice / recommendations on the...
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