asus strixx 1080

  1. Psychoo

    GTX 1080 Causing PC to Freeze?

    Hi, Over the past month of owning an ASUS Strix GTX 1080, I've been unable to play higher end games such Battlefield 1 or PUBG for example. I get about 30mins into a game and my PC completely freezes and I have to hard reset my PC. I have reinstall the games, reinstall Windows 10, Reinstall...
  2. joeluth

    G-SYNC - weird judder

    Hi, First post on here, looking for some help! I bought an Asus Strixx GTX 1080 A8G and a Dell 2716DG (The G-Sync one) So.. I thought this would be a pretty killer combo for gaming but I'm getting a very weird issue, it's a little hard to explain but here goes.. (By the way this is content...
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