1. Derek W

    What's in your bag and whats not and when it's not where do you put it?

    I'm currently doing a bit of a sort through my spare room / office and I've got a few bits and bobs lying about the place relating to my camera stuff. The majority of lenses, body, flash etc are kept in my main photography bag (Think Tank Airport Antidote V20) however, I've got a few filters...
  2. Ben Smith

    LAN Monitor Carry Case

    Anyone know where to get the ROCCAT Tusko monitor bag, or know of a good equivalent? Thanks :)
  3. dragonslayer

    help me find a bag:)

    Hi everyone, wondering if anyone could help me i'm currently looking for a bag to take on my bike journeys with me it needs to be waterproof+ reflective for the winter months and i'll have to be big enough to fit a 750ml steel water bottle inside a lock, a small towel, and a waterproof...
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