1. siezar

    Photos of your garden retreats

    Im thinking about building a bbq shack/bar in my back garden and was wondering if any of you had something similar you'd like to share photos of? Feel free to post pics of your summerhouses and pergolas as well just for the hell of it. I love spending time out in my garden when the weather is...
  2. rhysduck

    My Garden Project

    Whilst not at the scale of some of the gardens on here I thought I'd make a little thread on the most major project going on in the house at the moment. The Garden! For a while now it's not been what we wanted. The decking was ok, but then started to rot and fall apart due in part to whoever...
  3. Devrij

    Spec me a gas BBQ (£200 budget)

    We have been very generously given £200 to buy ourselves a BBQ as a house warming gift, so not knowing anything about BBQs, I turn to the font of OcUK knowledge. We don't do massive parties where we'd need to do 50 burgers at once or anything, so quality over quantity would be my preference...
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