1. Faser Active

    Publishing your own first book - experiences and tips?

    I just came across this question from one of my nieces. She is studying agriculture but is very talented in music, making short films and writing stories. On the one hand she's a tough cookie, but on the other hand she's very introverted and shy. Personally, I have next to no idea when it...
  2. UnknownDonut

    What Audiobooks are you listening to ?

    I've just finished listening to the third book in the Dungeon Crawler Carl series by Matt Dinniman. These books have made me laugh so much I'm so glad a came across them, the characters are brilliant, also the narration by Jeff Hays brings so much life to them. I highly recommend!
  3. pumpkin118

    Which audiobook are you listening to?

    I’ve recently got into audiobooks, I really enjoy listening to them when I’m driving along. I’m currently listening to one about ‘Why the word has gone mad’. Pretty relevant I’d say and it’s a great listen. I’ve put the link to it below if anyone wants to have a look, I took advantage of...
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