1. oldmangamer

    Alpenfohn Brocken 2

    I have just installed this monster onto my system. My question is......should both fans be spinning or is it a trick one where both spin up when the temps rise? I've only ever had single fan CPU coolers, not twin.
  2. KeanuIsLife

    NOCTUA NH-D15S vs Alpenföhn Brocken 3 for a 3700x?

    Hi all I have built a new PC which includes a 3700x. I kept the stock fan as I'd heard good things about the AMD stock coolers compared to the usual stock CPU coolers. It has been doing it's job but it can get rather loud under load and is even audible idle, which is noticeable and I would...
  3. kisserik93

    NOCTUA NH-D15S vs Alpenföhn Brocken 3

    Hello! I would like to buy new processor cooler. After a long search, I found the following two coolers best for high memory modules(G.Skill Trident Z). NOCTUA NH-D15S Alpenföhn Brocken 3 What do you think of the two coolers? Which one should I choose? Is there a cooler better than those...
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