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  1. oceancgi

    Just bought a CPU... looking for advise

    Hi all. Making a new 3D rendering workstation based around a Threadripper 3970X. I’ve never built a PC before. I already have the CPU and GPU and am looking to get the rest ideally for sub £1.5k.... so looking for some pointers and recommendations on the following: mobo, cooling, PSU, box and...
  2. Illuminist

    Spec me a cheap 4k monitor under £250

    Looking for a 60hz monitor as a second screen for playing single player games in 4k. Would prefer ips, and also 1ms but understand that's difficult. So far I have found the benq el287ou which is HDR it says... And the Asus vp28uqg Any help would be great as want to get the best I can for my...
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