1. HippoTank

    Buy vs Lease?

    So I haven't had a car in a while now, so I'm really out of the loop. My experience is buying a car, replacing all the audio, and eventually selling. Now most cars are either harder to mod or to the point where the effort isn't worth it, and/or leasing has become very common. I never understood...
  2. Javed Qureshi

    What would you buy as a pre-built gaming system for £1,000-£1,200?

    What would you buy as a pre-built gaming system for £1,000-£1,200? No particular games in mind but would be interesting to see what people think constitutes a well balanced machine / best bang for buck at that price point. And yes, I'm looking to buy so your advice would really be welcome.
  3. harvey.l12

    Why can’t I buy a Huawei

    So I posted a thread earlier which I’m waiting on some replies to but I’ve been looking and was interested in the Huawei matebook range. That’s until I tried to look at where I can buy them from. Their site links to reputable UK shops but every link is just non existent. I know they had...
  4. Krusty0921

    Need advice on pc purchase !!

    hi guys need some quick advice... A guy came into the computer shop i work at wanting to sell his pc, shop owner is going to buy it obviously at a low price as he always does lol but he will sell it to me at quite a ok price i think Heres where i need your advice Specs are (not precise bad...
  5. JayRuth

    How to make sure a preowned GPU will last? (RX 580)

    Hi, I hope this is the correct forum to ask this kind of thing. Years ago I bought a custom PC which did very well but had been showing its age so I decided to buy an ex mining Sapphire Nitro+ 580 8GB from Ebay and put it into my computer. I want to make sure everything is ok before I leave...
  6. Abacadabra

    RAM upgrade in my MSI GE60

    Hi Guys! I’m tired of the lack of RAM that my GE60 suffers from. I can’t have any more than 10 different tabs open in chrome and it just starts lagging a lot! It only has 4gb DDR3 (stock configuration). From what I’ve seen in MSI website, this model supports up to 16Gb. Since I have no...
  7. AMA

    Time for a new PC - Seeking Advice

    Hi there, new here, :p Not sure if this is the correct location for this post but if not, I apologise and am sure it will be moved. TLDR - Looking to sell a PC with the components below but need advice on how much to sell for. I'm looking to purchase a new OCUK PC as I've had the same one for...
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