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  1. ewymaster

    What way the case is facing

    When i get a pc I want to put my pc on the left side of my desk but the picture of the pc has pc facing to the left or in my case the wall and if I were to rotate it the wires would be coming out the front. If anyone could help me with this that would be great
  2. Space Monkey

    Case modders & Structural Engineers - Need your advice please

    Hi all, I've recently bought 2 x 480mm radiators for my water cooled PC, but as the rads are multiports the top 2 ports are fouling the bracket that holds the rads (pics below). For now whilst trying to find the best option for fitting I've used 2 slightly longer screws at the front nearest...
  3. Shashman

    After some completely white cable extensions

    Evening all! Hope you're all festively plump and had a good Christmas :) I've decided that to best complement my Phanteks RGB lighting (not software controlled), I'm going to go for all white cable extensions. By all white I mean fully white including the plastic plugs. I have white case fans...
  4. armand de bruijn

    Old Beige cases

    I was just wondering, does anyone know where or anyone who knows where I can find old beige computer cases that nobody wants for cheap or for free. I'm specifically looking for: ATX compliance will help. Full ATX/Full tower form factor. I'm planning on using them to build super sleeper pc...
  5. jemchalwe

    Kolink Observatory case mod

    Hi all. I would like to ask if anyone knows any project about modifying Kolink Observatory pc case. I am thinking about changing the front glass panel with mesh panel. As well I was considering to drill through rivets holding HDD cage to mount something better for HDD. Another HDD cage with...
  6. Ravinder Khangurra

    Increase Depth of Case Fans

    Im trying to increase the depth of my Corsair LL120 RGB case fans to a depth of double the existing depth, easy option would be to connect two fans back to back and fix to case. Ideally i need a spacer... does anyone have any ideas on how i can get this done. Thanks
  7. LePhuronn

    (In Win 901) Asteria II: Rearmoured

    Welcome one and all to my very first build log. Hopefully this will be a great experience to share with you all as this is a project of many firsts: first extensive case mod, first foray into custom water cooling, first hardline loop too, and first time putting everything out there for public...
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