1. Space Monkey

    Looking for a certain type of game?

    Hey, Is there anything modern on the PC where you start with building up your settlement from a low state a bit like civilization and progress through time and technology, I'm guessing like the old Settlers games? So you say start in the stone age and eventually reach a futuristic state, cars...
  2. lastv8

    Gaming as a dad, how much time do you get?

    Wife, new baby and dog + full time job and freelancing on the side. I don't have a lot of free time. I've just got a new rig and for the first time in years i'm going to play Civ 6 until the early hours once everyone has gone to bed. How much time do you get?
  3. NeoWave

    Civilization IV Live Stream

    Once a week I'll be live streaming the excellent Civ IV until I win or get defeated. Yesterday I did the first part so you can watch me make a dogs breakfast out of bits it here… :)
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