1. opethdisciple

    The DevOps Engineer thread

    Thought I'd make a DevOps engineering thread to discuss any topics related to our field. I will start off with a question, does any one know any good material to learn Crossplane? The only thing I have found is a book.
  2. Cadder

    Having Trouble Deleting and Moving Files

  3. Quartz

    The downside of cloud storage, by Louis Rossmann

    A cloud storage services provider just switches a whole load of storage off.
  4. Quartz

    Is there cheap cloud backup that will integrate directly with Windows Server Backup?

    I've been thinking about backing up my home server to the cloud. The obvious choice is Azure but given the amount of data, it's cheaper to buy external HDDs and rotate them, which is what I do. I have perhaps 5 TB of data which includes backups of my PCs, and I do want those backups in the...
  5. Guest2

    On prem infrastructure to cloud - Career advise

    Similar to many other companies, we have a cloud infrastructure strategy. Microsoft Azure & Intune. Over the next 2 to 3 years there are plans to shift all services into cloud (or just decommission unneeded sevices when there’s a cloud service to replace it) For people like me who have been...
  6. Deleted member 77746

    Cloud VPS

    Hello, I thought I would just let people know about a free VPS Google are doing at the moment. You can spin up linux servers. You get £300 free credits and you can use it for as long as you have credits. If you use the default selected you can play with the services for a while without any...
  7. Quartz

    Which cloud backup software & provider do I need?

    I want to back up my data offsite. I have approx 1 TB of data, most of which does not change. I currently back it up to a WSE box which itself is backed up to an external HDD. I periodically take backups of the data on external USB HDDs which get stored off-site. But I want an automated offsite...
  8. BIG_M29

    Cloud Storage college project

    I have enough responses. Thanks! Hi, I am new. I had a look at the rules and I could not find anything to suggest I am breaking them in asking for this, so here goes.. I am doing a project for college (I am an adult but need to do this course to get to university!). I need respondents to a...
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