1. Wegason

    Great PC games for young children

    Hi all, My two young chiildren, 7 and 4, have both enjoyed playing Overcooked and I'm looking for recommendations for other games that would be good for them to play, co-operative games favoured! Anyone got any solid recommendations? Particularly looking for games that are easy to pick up for...
  2. Rust In Peace

    Project REsisatnce thoughts?

    Capcom have just unveiled their latest game called Project Resistance a co-op survival horror shooter that looks wave based from the trailer.
  3. slim01

    List of couch co-op PC games.

    Hey guys. Living in China atm and the internet is crazy bad... Can't really play online so decided to try and game more often with the Mrs :D Trouble is... We can't really find many couch co-op games that look good... I've read quite a few lists and most suggest console or MMO / online co-op...
  4. ic1male

    PvE Co-op Multiplayer - Where is it at these days?

    I am currently in a daydream thinking about the early years of the decade where I had much fun and spent many hours playing lots of co-op multiplayer. Games like Resistance 2, Mass Effect 3 on PS3 and the odd bit of Destiny on PS4. I miss those days. But I'm quite out of touch with it now. I...
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