1. Cadder

    Bean to Cup Coffee Machines 2021

    Hi all, Our 7 year old DeLonghi Caffè Corso is showing signs of giving up. It's always had a bit of a problem with where to put the grounds as some tends to miss the collection tub. We're looking to move that machine on and get something else. At the moment our possible purchase list...
  2. Delvis

    Coffee maker: grounds or bean

    As per op, I want a coffee maker. I like coffee, but using pods is wasteful and I want something better than instant (even though I do mega instant coffee, just saying.) I don't want something you put on a hob. I don't want a plunger. I don't want a filter coffee machine. It's pretty much...
  3. jwilliamson47

    ASRock Z370 Gaming K6 Won't Power On But LEDs Work - Advice Please!

    Hi, I recently got the ASRock Z370 Gaming K6 and encountering an issue. Annoyingly, the motherboard won't power on at all, the connected fans don't work and of course, it fails to post. I checked the PSU when pressing the power button and the fan doesn't spin despite manually disabling eco...
  4. Gibbo


    Hi there Well were all the AMD loving, it is only fair to make you guys aware of what I personally consider to be an ultimate and dedicated gaming setup. By that I mean its sole purpose in life, absolutely maximum FPS whilst gaming and ONLY gaming. As such my I present you Intel Coffee Lake...
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