1. LabR@t

    Recommend winter gloves

    Gloves for cycling/walking that are actually warm and not too bulky?
  2. Efour

    Northern lights from my back garden I know some of you dig this. Taken with longer exposure on a pixel 7 pro In Night mode.
  3. Deleted member 77746

    Winter 2022/23 - It's too cold :(

    In preperation for winter I have prepared a thread ready for you lot to moan. Welcome to the it's too cold thread. Now lets all complain about been cold and what's happening this winter. :D
  4. Cithan

    Best guess which component is responsible for bluescreens when system is cold

    I have a hardware problem that started I think near the end of last year and has gotten worse throughout the year. The problem only occurs within the first 20 or so minutes from a cold boot (I mean literally the components are cold!). On Windows 7 I get a bluescreen: 0x00000116 VIDEO_TDR_ERROR...
  5. Aidan Hickman

    Help with my new car - Vauxhall Astra 1.6 8v Club 2004

    I bought this car about a month ago for a decent price and it has a few issues, one of these issues being it doesn't heat up, i have tried replacing the thermostat and CTS but the temp now only goes as high as the first 2 lines, in the cold area, when the car is static i've seen it go as high as...
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