comfy chair

  1. Iwann Angelo

    Back attachment or taller Mesh Gaming Chair recommendation?

    Hi is there such a thing as an extension that will fit through my Gaming Chair or another Mesh Chair of this style that suits my height? An extension would be my 1st choice to save money while spending on a new chair would be my 2nd choice. Here's it's height dimensions and my height from my...
  2. djanavar

    Comfy chair for relaxed position 95-115 degrees

    Hello folks! I'm hesitating between Titan and Hero. I'm about 6'1 (1m85) 90kg . I spend 3 to 6 hours per day before the computer watching movies,internet or playing chess. I want just to be comfy and relaxed. I like to sit about 95-115 degrees leaned back. I haven't got any spine problems. My...
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