1. soniiiety

    does anyone know any forums that talk about rumors/urban legends/mythology? etc

    i want to find weird sites that talk about stories or things that are made up. there is a game that i played that talks about having rumors etc. does something like it exist in real life?
  2. anagoge

    Are you from Liverpool? Missing hanging out in the city? Join the City of Liverpool Discord

    Hope this is ok to post here without it being too spammy. I run a small Discord server that's quickly growing. I set it up in September. With all of the lockdown stuff, now more than ever it's been important to have a chance to still talk to people and hang out. Everyone should feel like...
  3. chaosophy

    Community Fibre Received a letter this week saying that this is going to be rolled out to where I live, looks to be offering good speeds at decent prices. I'm currently with plusnet FTTC and get pretty much the max of the 80/20 speed it offers but do like the idea of full 1GB/1GB...