1. ssmacc

    Quest 2 Wired Connection no longer working? (PCVR)

    Hello, I've got two Quests (his and hers) and can connect via Air-link and Virtual desktop, but since I re-formatted my PC's I can no longer connect with a cable (previously worked), as far as I know all drivers etc are installed. Seems strange that neither install of the Oculus software will...
  2. keenan

    Trouble connecting to PC on home network with usb wifi adapter..

    Ok, the title is a bit vague, but the onboard ethernet on the motherboard died a few days ago so I bought a cheap Pcie 1x card (RTL8111C) off amazon to use in one of the expansion slots. However, no matter which slot I tried, the PC simply would not recognise any new hardware. It's a pretty old...
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