1. Kirito101

    Notice, the metal connector is slightly broken, will it affect the wireless?

    Hi, I have received my Wireless card today and notice the metal bracelet connector is slightly broken (please see pic circled in red). The last thing I would want is a slower performance/stability than my current wireless card Intel 1030n if the connector is slight broken/bent I have not...
  2. Mrpiper1980

    New to watercooling - Some advice please!

    Hey all, I'm just on the dive board about to jump into the water but need some advice first and hoping you dudes could help... I've got my main components on the way: Lian Li/EK O11D vertical-side Distro-Plate G1– Incl. Pump EK-Velocity D-RGB CPU Water Block Bykski N-GV3090GMOC-X Block for...
  3. Alfred Li

    Dual Molex to 6 pin

    Does anyone have experience with this? The card in question is an R9 270X. I have an OEM 475W PSU, with only one 6-pin connector, not enough for the card. The power supply is as the image below. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  4. marlies

    Super Flower modular PSU DC socket

    I need to find 7 of these sockets (not the plug/DC cable side connector): Anyone know where to find them, or even better, the name of the connector?
  5. Quartz

    Coolermaster angled 24 pin power connector and Chinese angled USB 3 connector

    A while back I suggest that OCUK stock the Cooler Master ATX 24 Pin 90° Adapter With Added Capacitors so as to reduce cable strain. A week or so back I spotted that they were in stock - I'd missed the notification - so I ordered one. It arrived today. Separately I had ordered a 90° USB 3.0...
  6. Space Monkey

    Asrock Taichi X399 connector query?

    Hi guys, I'm at the point in my new build where I'm connecting all the cables and just looking at the manual with regards to the front panel connectors and I notice it seems there are 2 different connecters to connect up the Power LEDs (PLED +/-)? I've never seen this before on a motherboard...
  7. pete_agreatguy

    Follow AIO manual or MB manual? Fan conector query

    Hi all, Components: * Asus Prime Z270-A motherboard * NZXT Kraken x42 AIO Asus motherboard manual states: Whereas the NZXT manual states: Should I follow the directions of the NZXT manual or the Asus motherboard manual for connecting the AIO fan? Just want to clarify.
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