1. ssmacc

    MKV Concert DTS to MP3 with Chapters?

    Hello All, As the title I have a concert (video) I'd like to convert to .MP3 (and or lossless), I can do this with several programmes however, I'm not sure how to do this with the chapters, as in, individual tracks and not just one 2 hour long MP3? Anyone know a program that will do this for...
  2. Jon Hew

    Help converting a .glb file to something I can use to 3D print?

    Hi I have a .glb file (it's about 170mb) that I would like to convert to something I can load into a slicer and then 3d print. I can load the file into 3D software, and it is a 3D representation of what it should be ...... I can't see any issues with the .glb file. When I have tried to...
  3. Rhodog2612

    Converting Telephone Sockets to RJ45 for Home Networking?

    Hello everyone, I have three phone sockets in our house. One of which is the Master Socket in our living room which has the router connected to it and also has a spare telephone port, one is the former master socket in the hallway (before the living room one was rewired by BT to use as the...
  4. stockhausen

    Recommendations for converting LPs to .MP3?

    My (elderly) neighbour has a vast collection of LPs; he also has a Technics SL1200 turntable, a Technics Amp and some speakers. He has asked me for advice on converting and recording some of his favourite LPs via the Amp to a PC. The Amp has no USB outputs, just RCA Phono sockets to input from...
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