1. Robbie_G


    Hi, Looking to get a deal and save some pennies then why not check out the clearance section on our website or just click here. As part of a forum deal I'm looking to open up my b-grade sections to offers. A lot of prices are reduced heavily already so if I can't match the offer I will...
  2. Mr Bungle

    Choosing correct cooler.

    Hi, I'm new to PC building and I've just built my first PC. My CPU is a Ryzen 5600x and I noticed while playing Warzone the temperature was 90/92° with the stock fan. This seems quite high to me, so looking at an after market cpu cooler and just looking for recommendations? My budget is £100 and...
  3. stew8888

    Rookie CPU cooler install advice

    I have my amd wraith cooler ready to install on a B450 carbon pro board. It has come with what I assume is pre applied thermal paste (sticky and white/grey.) Two questions A) is it advisable or desirable to apply further thermal paste on the CPU and B) unaware it would have it pre applied...
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