corsair h150i pro rgb

  1. Liam Scannell

    Corsair cpu cooler and fans config

    Hi guys. Sorry I am a complete novice at this and am currently in the middle of my first build. I have a h150i pro and 6 rgb 120mm corsair fans and a X470-F mobo. What I wanted to do was to swap the stock fans which came with the h150i pro for 1 set of the rgb fans and put the 3 stock fans at...
  2. Liam Scannell

    Corsair commander pro - do I need one?

    Hi Guys, I currently have a H150i PRO with the stock fans (so no RGB) and 2x3 120ll RGB fans w lightning pro which I plan on putting in my new build. Question I have is do I need commander pro for these to work/controll fan speed/RGB sync? I have a X470-F mobo. Many thanks
  3. Liam Scannell

    Advice on CPU cooler (H150i pro) and 6 x Corsair WW LL120 120 mm Dual Light Loop RGB fans

    Hi Guys, So I am just waiting on the above parts to come before starting my first build. I am curious if you have any advice for the above components when it comes to setting them up or if you have any useful links for an absolute beginner like myself. Everything else in the set up I feel I am...
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