corsair ram

  1. Saul Farrell

    Corsair Ram from CL18 to CL16

    So I have 4x8gb of corsair ram, two of them being the rgb version and two the normal. They both operate at 3600mhz and CL18. As I have a ryzen processor I don't really need to overclock to high speeds but I'd like to know how to get the timings down from CL18 to CL16. I am a complete noon at...
  2. Finley Giles

    16 Year Old Watercooled Mega Build

    Hello all, I'm 16 years old and decided I wanted a gaming / work pc. So the grueling task of looking at parts and comparing specifications started. I started to look into water cooling, this didn't take my fancy to start with but the more I looked into it the more desiring it became. I'm...
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