1. ket

    Iiyama G-Master G2466HSU Monitor Review

    G2466HSU Review Introduction With so many monitors being available today finding one that suits your needs can be a real chore and a minefield so it’s no surprise that many people consider finding a new monitor that suits them can feel like an impossible task. As part of my recent series of...
  2. 0sborne

    What are you running? - Curved 1440p 144Hz

    What curved 1440p 144Hz monitors are you running? It seems a lot of brands share the same panels? So what should people look out for when buying? Is 32” the sweet spot?
  3. dante671

    Curved Monitor Questions, and General Monitor Recommendation

    Hi I'm currently running a 2 monitor setup, with both been standard flat monitors. I'm now looking to extend my setup to include a 3rd monitor which got my considering whether or not a curved monitor would be good to have. So a bit of info on my current setup: 1x24" monitor (60Hz), mainly...
  4. A-user

    Can a Thinkpad Yoga S1 connect to a 5120x1440 external monitor?

    Okay, guys, I'm not specifically into gaming, an I'm not an expert in hardware---this is a simple question that I couldn't find an answer to: how do I know if a computer (laptop) is compatible to a given monitor? In other words, if it can actually use the high native resolution of the huge...
  5. Shashman

    Monitor options for R5 2600/RX580 upgraded system

    Hi all! I've recently upgraded my system and gone for an RX580. My employer runs a scheme with a certain high street electronics supplier where I can get my hands on tech hardware at a discount and on finance. This got me looking at monitors and thinking about upgrading from my current AOC...
  6. embalse

    LG 34GK950G or Dell U3419W not for gaming

    LG 34GK950G or Dell U3419W not for gaming Looking for a new curved monitor for Video editing/Photoshop etc. Any thoughts?
  7. Enxa

    Acer XR342CK Stand

    Hi, I bought the Monitor a while ago from OCUK and it’s great, but the stand is HUGE. It takes up so much of my desk space. I did plan on VESA mounting anyway so I made sure i bought a monitor capable of doing so. Anyway, I have a VESA arm and struggling to get the stand off the monitor. I’ve...
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