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  1. chris blackford

    lian li dk-05f SN

    Hi all where would I find the Serial number for this case? And where do I find the Customer service for lian li for uk?
  2. lawton


    Hi, It says in support to make a webticket or forum post if wanting to cancel an order. My order number is: ST5232063 Could I please cancel this?
  3. MazzaB

    OCUK price matching?

    I just ordered the new asus pg42uq from OCUK, however I have just seen it for £1296 on **no competitor talk**, over £100 lower, would OCUK be able to price match this? If not can I reject the order when DPD try to deliver to cancel?
  4. George Fox

    Outstanding customer service

    Apologies if this has been posted in the wrong category. Perhaps a moderator will move it if necessary. Just wanted to say a 'big thank you' to the guys at OCUK. I have had some repeated difficulties with a Nitro Concepts chair that I bought a couple of years ago and despite a full replacement...
  5. Flomora

    Bad customer support

    Hi, I am not able to understand how it is supposed to work with online orders. What is the maximum waiting time for an order where all items were in stock ? How do I get an update of the order ? No one is responding the calls, they are just force you to listen to commercials, spend many...
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