1. Kashif7

    Advice on pc setup and why I get BLOD

    Would be good to get advice on my current set up as my OS keeps crashing. I get the blue screen of death. This happens when I render videos in Adobe premiere Pro or work on it too fast. Also in my DAW, reaper, it often crashes the comp. I have not Overclocked my CPU nor GPU. CPU: Intel Core...
  2. Nelsonis

    Memory selection for Ryzen 3900XT for ASIO

    Hi there I am building a system and am almost there but am having trouble with the correct memory. I have a B550 gaming carbon and a Zen 2 Ryzen 3900XT. I am most interested in getting the best performance I can for running Cubase 11 so ASIO is very important. I am going to go with 4*8gb...
  3. IggyStooge

    I've already tried to give this away on the official forum...

    Christmas is cancelled due to lack of interest. My generosity remains unappreciated. Bah Humbug. :D You can delete this now big cheese.
  4. vikki

    Cloning Hard Drive - Windows 10

    Hi I am doing a bit of basic upgrading of my DAW with a much larger new drive - it is SATA where the other drives are IDE. Not wanting to go through the process of reloading all my software I decided to clone my relatively small hard drive (c) to th much larger new SATA hard drive (not SSD)...
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