dedicated gpu

  1. eyehigh

    Boost performance on a gaming laptop 4k screen with HDMI dummy plug?

    Hi guys, I have a MSI GS73 8RF Stealth laptop which has an integrated Intel UHD 630 and a dedicated 1070 Max-Q GPU. What I noticed is when I plug in a HDMI cable and work on a 4k monitor on 60 Hz, everything is lightning fast. Unfortunately, that isn't the case when I'm using the laptop screen...
  2. herror6

    Ultrabook with dedicated GPU instalments

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for an Ultrabook with a dedicated GPU and I which to pay a monthly fee, so maybe through Amazon, Argos or Currys would be the best options here in the UK. I know there will be interest rate, but I need it for uni and I can still pay later the remaining. Beginning of...