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  1. xebedy

    Free Delivery

    I placed an order yesterday around 24 hrs ago and all the order says is Order Status: Confirmed. The item I ordered said Free Delivery (DPD) ... On the delivery page Free Delivery isn't mentioned, just DPD... I live in South Wales so it's not some remote unreachable region. I put in a support...
  2. patonl

    Ordered Something With next day delivery, when can I expect to receive it?

    I ordered a few things on the 23 Nov 2020 at 15:04:00 with next day delivery, the order status is still Order received - not yet shipped. I think it could be because there was only 1 of the cpu blocks I ordered left in stock when I placed the order and after placing the order it was out of...
  3. TheAspiringNerd

    Has anyone had any experience with DPD Sunday delivery having ordered on Saturday?

    I ordered something on OCUK as it was cheaper on here rather than Amazon. I needed this item pretty quickly so I picked Sunday delivery. I ordered this item at 9am on Saturday, it’s currently 9:52pm and my order is still showing that it’s yet to be shipped. Is this actually going to get to me...
  4. Infiltrator

    Use The Right Couriers To Ship Goods

    Guys, just a tip. Whenever buying or selling your hardware, 'DO NOT' use 'ParcelForce'. Their insurance service relies on the recipient filling out a questionaire and if they're disgruntled and they don't fill it out you get 'zero'. ParcelForce abuse parcels in transit. My Samsung Odysee was...
  5. Zak1221

    RTX 3090 Rog Strix OC

    Hi all, when is the rog strix 3090 oc Going to be in stock and dispatched to everyone? Me and a few friends have ordered them so asking for everyone. Thanks in advance
  6. Unamused

    Shipping Times

    So I ordered something very early in the morning yesterday (waiting for that paycheck to hit) and used one day DPD delivery, now obviously it won't be coming today due to SARS-Cov2 (order not shipped) so how long on average is it taking people to receive their deliveries? New to Overclockers so...
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