1. Dec969

    New Build Help/Advice & Guidance

    Hello All, I use to game on a laptop but sadly that died due to overheating and just wear/tear over the years. I am now looking to move to a desktop to play RPG/FPS and Strategy games (Skyrim/Battlefield/Total wars etc) and need some help configuring a desktop. My budget is £2000, micro atx...
  2. Huskybongs

    Mahogany/Steel Computerdesk [SCRATCHBUILD] Dreamhack Summer Masters Winner

    Hello, I've been building this a while but wasn't confident enough to put it up on these forums before now. The idea is to take that grand piano feeling to a pc. We'll be using fairly nice materials for this such as teak, mahogany, oxygen resistans steel and a lot of chromed parts. The build...
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