1. bettz

    Advice on cutting a hole in new sink

    Waiting on a new kitchen sink from wickes it's tectonic material?? Anyway it I've seen people say ill need to use a 35mm hole saw any recommendations? Mate mentioned starrett hole saws. I suppose I'll also need an arbor for the holesaw
  2. Quartz

    Advice please on cutting a slot in a built-in wardrobe

    What's the best way to cut a slot from behind for cables into a built-in wardrobe? I've moved my PC into a wardrobe to reduce noise. It's early days but it seems to be working well. Unfortunately, because of the cables, I cannot close the door. Note the presence of the radiator. What I need...
  3. Quartz

    Spec me a drill

    My cordless drill doesn't work any more so I need a new one. It wasn't very good anyway. The immediate task is drilling into brick, but it's to be a general purpose drill. I have a large set of bits. The other drill threads are some years old so I thought I better check for what's new.
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