1. junaid7

    Pulled over by unmarked car

    Foolishly I decided to speed on my way home after finishing work late about 1:30am. I noticed a car coming behind me fairly quick so decided to do the same and eventually the blues came on it was an unmarked car with officers in black uniform. Once pulled over the officer asked what I was doing...
  2. Bbigg59

    Speeding offence cancelled.

    So today I noticed that I missed my speed awareness course deadline by 3days!! So I rang the police ticketing office at least 40 times to get no answer!! Finally rang 101 (non emergency number) and explained my situation and asked if a extension would be possible as I’m only 3 days out, anyway...
  3. Steven225

    DVLA sent me letter and asked me to plead guilty or not

    Hi all I am really stressed out over this and I don’t know whether any of you could provide me some assistance in this. Around March 2022, I purchased a new car through a manufacturer which came with a plate number. I then insured it with admiral. Round April 2022, i bought a private plate...
  4. ewozza

    Access for Buses, Taxis, Disabled Parking and Cyclists only.

    I had a rather interesting debate with a parking warden on a high street last week which I'm a bit confused on the legitimacy. This road has access at 2 ends and no side roads etc come off it. It has a strip of disabled parking, bus stops and a taxi rank. I'm more interested in how they can...
  5. Quartz

    Driving sims with blue light runs?

    Are there any driving sims where you can do blue light runs? With virtualised real roads and simulated traffic It seems to me that this might be a different sort of fun for the solo player (me) than racing tracks where you endlessly try to shave off nanoseconds. Not only ambulances, fire...
  6. Robert1878

    LGV Apprenticeship Assessment Day

    Hi. I have an assessment day in a couple of days for a company called Avanti Gas. The assessment day involves group and individual activities and lasts 4 hours. The interview is for an apprentice LGV driver. I believe the job involves driving a lorry or tanker and delivering LPG. The company are...
  7. Richie

    Private Dashcam footage to be used by Welsh Police to prosecute

    A pilot initiative in a part of Wales allowed the public to submit Dashcam footage to the police who could then use the footage to start a prosecution case. This is now being extended to all of Wales - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40996609 I have watched a fair bit of Dashcam footage and...
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