1. eddyhall

    2xRCA (or other input) mixing

    Hi all, I am looking for some speakers that can do a particular thing. I have 2x PCs at my desk and I am fed up of switching the 3.5mm jack between them for different applications (games and personal video calls on one, work video calls on the other). What I would really like is a set of...
  2. i_am_jon

    Desktop speakers to replace dying Logitech Z5500

    After 10 years my Logitech Z5500 are making some really annoying crackle and pops. Have checked all the connections, think it may be the power supplier failing... I'm a bit of an audiophile with a separates AV system. Looking to replace with computer audio something that works well for music...
  3. dimo

    Edifier S880DB

    Has anyone got a pair of these and what do we think of them? Bit torn between these and the other more popular Edifiers such as the 1700BT, 1800 and 1280BT. Thanks
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