electric cables

  1. tommusrol

    Ethernet with electrical cables

    I’ve currently got an electrician rewiring my house. I initially told him to also run some cat6 cables around as well as it would be a good opportunity to do so. However, since then I’ve discovered Ethernet shouldn’t run alongside electrical house wiring. I’m more concerned from a safety point...
  2. James O’s

    Ceiling light Living room help now hallway bedrooms lights don’t work

    Evening. new here so excuse me lol Anyway I just put 2 ceiling chandeliers up in the front room now the hall ways and bedrooms don’t work. The wiring is old has 3 reds in a block 2 yellow in another separate block and 2 blue separate block with a single black this is the block the light fitting...
  3. Peter Savage

    Looking for advice for Wireless Smart Switches

    So I have bought wireless smart switches with no neutral for all the plugs in the house and so far successfully managed to wire up and install wireless switches in every other room by adding a capacitor across live and neg of the light. I have now got a little confused and looking for advice I...
  4. izzop

    Advice - Plastering/Electric Cables

    Hi, I'm after some ideas and thoughts on something I discovered today whilst prepping a wall. What I discovered is that where I thought the plaster had blown it turned out to be where the cables are running up from the fuse board to the upstairs of the house: - As you can see there...
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