1. Cat Drummond

    Help locating correct transformer for Ring Pro Doorbell

    Hi there I have a Ring Pro Hardwired doorbell, and am having a devil of a job sourcing an appropriate transformer for it. It needs 16-24V, 20VA to work properly. Please can anyone point me to where I can get a DIN rail transformer that I can use for the install, as I'm going around in...
  2. James O’s

    Ceiling light Living room help now hallway bedrooms lights don’t work

    Evening. new here so excuse me lol Anyway I just put 2 ceiling chandeliers up in the front room now the hall ways and bedrooms don’t work. The wiring is old has 3 reds in a block 2 yellow in another separate block and 2 blue separate block with a single black this is the block the light fitting...
  3. Cameron Farish

    Need help with new, OCuk Hoplite pc. PSU flipping the electrics

    Hey guys, just got my new computer today and having a little trouble getting it on, it gets power briefly then its overloading the electrics and causing it to turn itself off, it's the only thing being powered with the exception of the monitor and I've tried this is different rooms. Any advice?
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