1. Space Monkey

    Best touch screen fan controller for 11 fans?

    Hi guys, As per the title, I have the Phanteks Enthoo Primo case that comes with a front door panel, so I'm thinking of getting a touch screen fan controller, but are they any good? What's the best built & best for my needs? Otherwise I'll end up getting the Lamptron FC8 and just resign myself...
  2. gordon_freeman

    Enthoo Evolv TG mATX 8600K Water Build

    Just starting this project now and collecting parts. I have not water cooled a PC since 2002, not sure why I am doing it now but here goes. Also building a Threadripper server but I will post a new log for that. Parts so far: Enthoo Evolv TG mATX Silver Asus ROG STRIX Z370-G GAMING (WI-FI AC)...
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