1. deardevildude

    Experience with Stance+ coilovers?

    Hi all, The current coilovers on my skoda fabia have given up (crappy JOM things). I dont have mega money to spend on something mental so I've been looking at Stance+ coilovers as they seem a reasonable price. Was wondering if anyone has had experience with how they are and if they've had...
  2. TechMinerUK

    Aftermarket Stereo - Have I opened pandora's box?

    Hi all, Recently I bought a Pioneer FH-X840DAB radio for my trusty Fabia MK2 however I neglected the fact that I have never fitted one of these before so I have no idea what I am doing. So far I have checked the wiring and setup and worked out that I will need a DAB antenna, Fascia kit with...
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