1. qbazdz

    Firecuda 530 flux or conformal coating? Weird residue

    Hi all, I've never come across this before on other NVMEs, and its the first Firecuda 530 drive Ive got here. Searching on google didnt bring up good enough images to compare, so I hope someone with a drive can comment. I seem to have some flux or conformal coating locally on the drive as per...
  2. SuperciliousSquid

    My Corsair RM850 (UK) Broke.

    Hello Overclockers Forum, My CORSAIR RM SERIES RM850 850W '80 PLUS GOLD' MODULAR POWER SUPPLY (CP-9020196-UK) Caught Fire. I walked into my office and the room was full of white smoke. As I could not see flames I guessed it was an electrical fire. I managed to turn off the power to the room...
  3. Greebo

    Spec me a car fire extinguisher

    After a small incident on the A689 on Saturday when I suddenly lost all power in my midget at 70mph and some "fluid" started spraying up all over the bonnet and windscreen, I pulled over and discovered my main fuel pipe had become disconnected from the carbs and was just pumping petrol all over...
  4. Sammax94

    MSI 980TI caught on fire

    Pc randomly closed down while playing wow then I noticed sparks coming out the GPU and actually had flames which I had to put out with a towel, I'm interested to know what actually caught or burst on the GPU from the picture
  5. david_xr

    MacBook Pro battery recall - fire safety

    Was Randomly browsing apples page under recalls to see the MacBook Pro has a battery recall. On the page you can check your serial to see if your affected. Thankful mine is not. Seems it affects September 2015 to February 2017. If you have one suggest checking to see if your affected. I’ve...
  6. Physsicz

    Crosshair V Formula-Z random Fire

    As I buy all my gear from overclockers, I'll share here.. Just lost my pride and joy.. Just wanted to share my experience today, came home to hear my smoke alarm, it was my computer that was built over two years ago and used daily for gaming etc.. The motherboard had caught fire at the top...
  7. Backa_

    SATA Power Cable Caught Alight!

    So I was working on a clients laptop where his hard drive was corrupted and wasn't loading Windows. I went through the process of elimination and decided I'd plug it into my test bench and load Linux up. After I plugged it in I the test bench and turnt it start smoking pure white smoke from the...
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