1. SpinyNorman

    Shipping BIOS version for ASUS PRIME B660M-A WIFI D4?

    Hi all does anyone know what version BIOS is shipping with this motherboard from ocuk please? I'm building an 15-12400 system for my daughter & need to check if I have to buy a cheap celeron to do it myself, or ash for flash from ocuk if they do that, as it doesn't have flashback. Cheers!
  2. Peter Porker

    X570 Aorus Elite white flash

    Hi, Recently built a PC using this motherboard and I'm getting a white flash on the left side of the motherboard whenever I switch on the PSU. System works perfectly fine otherwise and it doesn't occur when powering on the PC itself; only when powering on the PSU. Anyone here have this...
  3. Duke of Leamington

    Does X570 need bios update to boot new Ryzen?

    I’m building new PC and decided for Gigabyte X570 I AORUS PRO WIFI AM4 Mini-ITX with new Ryzen 5600x in it. Will it boot straight out of the box or do I need to get older CPU somewhere and flash the bios first? Whole build btw: CPU: Ryzen 5600X Cooler: Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 120 66.7...
  4. dean malone

    Bios flash help

    Hi guys ive never flashed a bios before and all bios flashing videos im seeing are with people already have the system running before. Im about to build new pc with my 3070 and r5 5600x and im gonna be using the msi gaming pro carbon x570. I understand how to get the usb ready clean usb place...
  5. stockhausen

    Gigabyte B360 HD3 - apply latest BIOS update?

    I am building a system based on a Gigabyte B360 HD3 (LINK). The currently installed BIOS is F2, dated February 23rd 2018. The latest BIOS is F5, dated June 21st 2018. Amongst other things F5 claims to improve the Windows boot time - which I would quite like. Of more interest however, it...
  6. rmonkey100


    How do I flash my mobo using Mflash, never done it before? MSI PRO CARBON GAMING x370 I also want to activate the full memory speed of 3200mhz, as its stuck on 2166mhz currently, how do I do this from the bios? Thanks
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