flow rate

  1. Jimbo0115

    Advice needed

    Hello everyone first post in the forum I am completely new to water cooling would anyone advise me on a few things. What should the flow rate be though my loop? Iv tried to look online for answers and can't seem to find any solid information. I am running 3 ek 360 rads 60 mm bottom. 40mm top...
  2. Adiphex

    New Custom Loop Flow issue

    Hi Community! I've just finished my custom loop, which consist of a EK XRES-100 D5 revo pwm pump/res combo, EK Strix 1080 Ti gpu block, EK Velocity CPU block, 1x 360 Bykski 28mm radiator, 1x EK PE240 radiator, Aquacomputer HighFlow LT flow meter and 5x Noctua NF-F12 Chromax pwm fans. All this...
  3. Richard Donaldson

    Simple questions rads vs flow

    Question: In a stable system, of say idle temps of 20 over room temp. Which would yield a better decrease in temp : A bigger radiator with an extra fan, or a better pump with a increase flow rate. i.e. if F(Flowrate) +R(Radsize) = D(delta over room) would D be greater in : (F+1) + R = D...
  4. Stilez

    High CPU temp on new custom loop - what am I missing?

    I've built a nice low-restriction CPU loop, and if the Aquacomputer flow meter is to be believed Ive got flow rates about 3.3 litre/min (~ 0.72 GPM GPM) which is slightly on the low side, and components chosen for thermal excellence, but the CPU temp is still a lot higher than I expect. Here's...
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