1. Yella Fella

    Excel gurus - rolling 365-day formula

    Hey all. So I have to work out my staff's sickness days and calculate their Bradford Factor score. However, this is done on a rolling 365 days from the day I work this out. I tried searching online but most of it was setting up rolling calendar dates in the future. I need a way of working this...
  2. Ed

    Simple formula for scoring rank

    Hi, I'm after a simple formula expression to give rank to items based on their number of votes and their score from one to five. ------------ Item #1 Votes = 1,000 Score = 3.9 out of 5 ------------ Item #2 Votes = 1 Score = 4 out of 5 ------------ Should item #2 rank above item #1? I'm...
  3. fish_dan

    Problems with formulas in Excel 2013

    Hello, I am having some trouble trying to make my spreadsheet formulas work in an excel spreadsheet on dispatch times. The idea was; i would have two sheets (Times (sheet1) & Data (sheet2)) Sheet 2 Data; would have lots of various destinations: Column A - Location 1 Column B - Location 2...
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