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  1. chaosphere

    Big vs dual monitors for work & PS4 Pro

    I've the nightmare scenario that I have tight budget around £250(ish) to replace my dual Dell 20" 1600x900 res monitors for mainly work purposes as I'm WFH as a software developer....8/9 hours a day minimum in front of this screen for the time being. I see this is as an opportunity to get a...
  2. desi112

    3x 27" IPS Monitor with Vesa For Home Office

    Hey everyone, I am new here and wanted some help, I am after 3x 27" IPS Monitors with Vesa capability for my home office. I do some occasional gaming , and need a monitor that has HDMI and DVI, my graphics card is a NVidia GTX 1060 6GB which has 2Hdmi and DVI output. Ideally I'd like something...
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