1. mrk

    The UK is a third world country

    Along with every other country, Earth is the 3rd world from the Sun, duh.
  2. smogsy

    kids do/say the daftest things

    So my step daughter has come up with some down right hilarious things which I thought I would share here. Thought it would be funny for others to share too, bring some fun into the new year. Age: 9 Just a few:
  3. mrk

    Anyone invest in stocks here?

    I've just recently started, mostly beef, chicken, and vegetable. One day I hope to be a bouillonaire.
  4. krooton

    Netflix Sci-Fi Anthology - Love, Death & Robots

    Binged this over the weekend and felt it was deserving of its own thread. An anothology of animated (and 1 live action) shorts covering various sci-fi concepts and tropes. Even the worst ones (of which there are only a few) are ok, and the good ones are really good! Plenty of swearing...
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