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  1. whatamidoing

    Gaming and geospatial work PC build

    Hi, I want to build a new PC for a combination of geospatial work and gaming. This is my first build and I'm looking to future proof it for when I want to upgrade it in the future a bit too. I want to be able to play some high end games like cyber punk 2077 in 4k (and good Hz but i admit i dont...
  2. Teeeeee

    Fastest + Lowest latency + Reliable 32GB RAM for 12700K and 5900X

    Hi guys, I NEED MY PC TO BE 100% RELIABLE AND NOT CRASH! Which is the better option......? Build 5900x + X570 Dark Hero with DDR4 3600Mhz CL14 RAM (RAM LATENCY 7.7 nanoseconds) OR..... 12700K + Z690 Maximum HERO + DDR5 4800Mhz CL36 (RAM LATENCY 15 nanoseconds) for now and UPGRADE RAM to...
  3. Kashyap Sangani

    Check my spec

    Hi I need a pc under £1k for non gaming need. But I run some heavy workload and multitasking applications like VMWares, IDEs, etc. Please can someone suggest if the below looks good and is future proof in case I want to expand the spec? My main requirements are a fast pc and future proof...
  4. Darrenx92

    Is this build any good?

    Hi, i am looking to build a good gaming pc which will last some time (hopefully) that can play triple AAA games. i know very little about pc gaming as i have been console all my life. Ive done some research into what is high end ish. Will this build last its value? I know its hard to say with...
  5. Darrenx92

    Gaming and streaming pc build

    Hi, im hoping some of you can help me please. Im looking at getting my first gaming pc, so knowledge of whats good for my money isnt the best. Ive been told that in the long run pc is somewhat cheaper then console gaming? Or am i wrong? Anyway im after something that will be decent for gaming...
  6. TWheston

    First PC build - budget start and upgrade advice sought

    Hi folks Looking to put together a PC. For context, currently Xbox one (first gen) serves as our gaming and entertainment hub - no TV as such. I'm currently hooked on Elite Dangerous which will keep me entertained for some time, love the total war games and fantasise about playing them on...
  7. OldBoyUK

    Gaming & Streaming. PC Budget around £2k - 2.5k

    Hi everyone So, for far too many years I've had pretty rubbish computers, mostly with onboard graphics and only being able to play games that are years old and/or on the lowest of the lowest settings. Which I was ok with, but with the multitude of games out and coming out, I want to enjoy them...
  8. PJack77

    New Games/ Video editing PC advice

    Looking to put this together with an internal Blu-ray writer, any advice would be appriciated...
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