1. E12345

    Degree Apprenticeship (Digital Technology Solutions Bsc) or University (Computer Science Bsc)

    Hi all, I'm currently in year 13 and have submitted my UCAS application to universities. As a backup, I applied to many different degree apprenticeship programs in Digital and Technology Solutions. I have applied for a Computer Science Bsc at each of the universities, one such university being...
  2. mrk

    Elusive fusion reactors to be commercialised by 2025-2030... Or so they say

    I know we've been reading about this for years and years but could the advent of machine learning and AI finally bring us into new energy territory? https://thenextweb.com/neural/2020/04/27/scientists-think-well-finally-solve-nuclear-fusion-thanks-to-cutting-edge-ai/ Assuming this is all going...
  3. Aeroplane01

    Request ideas for a VR Ready build. Budget: £800

    Another one of these threads sorry... My children have asked for an Oculus Rift for Xmas and the family Q6600 machine is nowhere near the minimum specs required. I've always built my own systems, so happy with the physical part of the build. However, I'd be really greatful for suggestions on a...
  4. Sevastian

    What does the future hold for virtual reality? (a university project)

    Hello fellow VR enthusiasts! I am a marketing student with a strong passion for virtual reality. I started a blog about this topic for a university project. Whether you are a tech geek who's always on theverge.com or you don't know the first thing about VR, it is virtually impossible for you...
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