gaming headset

  1. Ali3ta1r

    Gaming Headset - G533 vs AKG K702 + AE-5 (or alternative)

    New to the forum, but this seems like a good place to ask this question. So firstly, appreciate anyone who takes the time to assist on my question. So I am seeking a new gaming headset/audio set-up for purely FPS gaming (PUBG, CS:GO etc.) in a quiet room, I will not be looking to take any of...
  2. NikTheSHNIK


    Hi all, No it's "The Phontum" and it's Cougar's new gaming headset GURU 3D have a review HERE you can check out. Stock should be here in the next 7-10 days, but you can pre-order now. Cougar Phontum USB Gaming Headset for PC, XBOX, PS4, Switch @ £47.99 inc VAT Cougar Phontum USB...
  3. Matthew Sheridan

    Gaming headset, Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Vs HyperX cloud 2

    Hi, I've just started getting into gaming more and have built a PC and am looking at getting a gaming headset as at the moment i am only using some JBL headphones and i am noticing that i cannot hear nearly as much as some of my friends, i would quite like something with 7.1. I went to currys...
  4. Aston998

    New Gaming Headset

    Hello All, Looking for a new Gaming headset for my Computer, - Wireless if possible - Up to £130 - I would be using it for Teamspeak and Discord. - In the pass i have used Razor and TB. Any recommend on what headset to buy would be very much welcome. Cheers A
  5. NikTheSHNIK


    Available to pre-order from today, just in time for IEM in Katowice and landing next week FNATIC peripherals are now available from our store. For those not in the know: FNATIC are a professional eSports organisation headquartered in London. Founded 23 July 2004 the team has players...