1. -Paul-

    New GFX or new entire build?

    Hi All, I'm hoping a kind soul could give me some advice. I've been doing fine with a rig that's a few years old now. Still does everything I need it to, but I've noticed frame rates drop off since I bought a new monitor (27" 2560 x 1440). As far as that goes, has the time come for a whole...
  2. Ig0rr

    Graphics upgrade, worth it or do i wait?

    Hey all, So it's around that time where my ~6/7 year old build is becoming outdated. This time i'm massively out of the loop as the machine has served me well up until now. I can't afford to fully upgrade the system at the moment although i plan to in the next year or so.. I am wondering if...
  3. RyanC826

    Installed a New motherboard...

    So I recently bought an Asus Prime B250M-K with an Intel i5-7500 processor and they work fine. However what the guy who put them in my case didn't tell me is that I had to do a system format (reset) as my AMD Radeon 380 was not running during games and I keep having to change the source on my...
  4. Tazzfalcon

    Spec me an upgrade

    Hi all, Back after a bit of a break. I was wondering if someone who is up to date on things can tell me what the best AMD graphics card I could buy for under £250 would be? I want the best card that won't be bottle necked by the rest of my system. I do a bit of gaming, Project CARS and also...
  5. TheManiacUK

    Which 1080??

    Got it in my head I want a 1080, and I'm super impatient and would like to enjoy this weekend, I currently have a 1070 gaming X was thinking either a 1080 or a 1080ti OcUK edition...or do I wait for the custom cards to come?
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