gpu cooling

  1. Joesams

    GPU Block

    Hi all, I plan on buying this: AORUS NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER 8GB Turing Graphics Card Do you know if there's an applicable watercooling block for this card?
  2. theguga96

    High temps with Arctic mx4 on xfx rx480

    Hello guys, my xfx rx480 was getting pretty high temps during december so I decided to re apply the thermal paste using the Arctic mx4. During the first week after apply I was getting good temps, they dropped to 62/64°C. But soon they started rising, and about 2 weeks ago they went above 80°C. I...
  3. Taffman71

    GPU & CPU Closed Loop Watercooling GTX 1060 i7

    Hi, I've just build my first gaming system using second hand parts as a project to make sure i get it right before i screw up a new system I plan to build. I'm looking for advice on getting a closed loop water cooler for my GPU and CPU and would like advice on products, I would like RGB for...
  4. BobsleighBishop

    Anyone heard of Bykski?

    So recently I've been trying to find a water cooling block for my GPU. I have the GIGABYTE Nvidia 1080ti G11. That's the link to the GIGABYTE's product website. I've only found two compatible blocks that fit the card; 1)...
  5. Illuminist

    Need help with custom loop. Just the tubing confuses me

    Hi there, I have a vega and will be buying the ek full water block for it, with a pump/res combo and a aplhacool 240mm radiator. I really need help as the tubing is confusing and also which is better of these 2 pump/res combos...
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