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  1. Daniel O'Hara

    MSI RTX 3070 Usage/Power Drop Spikes

    Hi, for the past few weeks I have for the life of me been trying to figure out why as seeing a sudden sharp drop in my GPU usage and power similar to a reverse spike with a sudden stuttering in game lasting 1 - 3 seconds before returning to normal, the temps for both CPU and GPU are fine, I have...
  2. Herby

    CPU Using 90 percent GPU using 40/60

    Hi, so no matter what game i play my cpu is working way harder than my gpu and im not sure how to fix it. I factory reset my PC and that didnt fix it so i went into Nvidia control panel and changed aload of settings that are supposed to make the GPU work harder, That didnt work so i reset the...
  3. Stefardy

    1070Ti performance

    I have recently purchased a 1070Ti FTW 2 edition and have run into some issues regarding GPU usage during games. When I first got the card there were no obvious issues and my fps were high and stable. A few days later I have run into the problem of the card only using 30-60% of itself during...
  4. vikingtemplar

    Help Choosing A High-Spec Futures Trading Laptop

    Looking for some recommendations for a trading laptop. Yes, I have researched the **** out of this and read threads on numerous forums — but I keep ending up in this daily cyclical-loop 2nd guessing my decisions. Basically I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m lost. I keep flip-flopping between a...
  5. Paul-J-Ward

    MSI R9 390 usage throttling

    Hi everyone, i hope this isn't a repeat thread but i couldn't find this subject on here. So i have an MSI R9 390 8GB Gaming. Definitely not a bad graphics card when it works correctly, however, Recently i've noticed low erratic frame rates. it runs call of duty 4 remastered at roughly 88fps but...
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