1. Calo

    Your Favourite FPS Gun Ever?

    Hey, just reminiscing and wondering what everyone's favourite gun from an FPS has been over the years? For me, I'm still in awe of Turok 2's Shredder shotgun after playing it in the recent PC remaster. The K-Volt from Crysis 3 also a stunner I'll never get tired of seeing and hearing. (I'll try...
  2. hyperseven

    3D printed gun stock (Rift/Vive and WMR)

    Found this superb modular gun stock on Thingiverse. Took a couple of days to print all the parts but I am very pleased with the end result. Very customisable and can be extended by printing more or rail part 2. Just finished printing off the magnetic versions of the controller holders so will...
  3. IronWarrior

    Other shooting in America

    Video removed - Rilot So this happened few days ago, It's beginning to get around the Internet. Well, needless to say, everyone is stupid in this video. The dad with the pistol seems the most calm of them all. The son is egging the guy who got shot on. The guy who got shot is super hostile...
  4. IronWarrior

    The American Police

    The full video is unedited and you do see people get shot, you have been warned, the shooting happens after 1:29 if you want to skip ahead. Maybe some of you saw the news, but if not, then this video which happened recently is being talked about a lot. I personally think it sums up the...
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