h115i pro rgb

  1. Jizzy

    Old H115i vs H115i Platinum for 9900k

    As with most people since its the release, the 9900k is hot, and its hard to keep it cool. I'm currently using an old H115i, as seen in the link below...
  2. Jizzy

    Old H115i vs H115i Platinum for 9900k

    I currently am using the old H115i from my old system, on my new 9900k system @ 3.6ghz (removing the mobo stock turbo boost), but getting hot temps, 52-55c idle. Running CoD WW2 on about 20% cpu load goes up to 75-85c. Running a CPUZ stress on it makes it raise up very quickly to over 95c, it...
  3. goldy6660

    H100 upgrade to a H115i worthy upgrade?

    I'm tempted to upgrade the h100 I have to a h115i as want to see the temps and make use of PWM rather than the constant blower and also want to use Corsair link. Is it a worthy upgrade (I'm going to see if I can get one cheap or second hand). I'm also using a h80iv2 with a kraken for the 1080 so...
  4. jwilliamson47

    Noctua NH-D15S or Corsair H115i Pro RGB

    Hi, I currently have an X99 system with the i7-5820K, 16GB Quad-Channel RAM and the GTX 1080Ti. The air cooler has worked beautifully but it's a tight squeeze to install the GPU in he first slot (EATX). In theory, I could opt for another X8 slot, but isn't ideal. Also, I'm using the Evolv ATX...
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